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OgGame is a leading AI entertainment platform, leading the global expansion of domestic IP. With a focus on game development and commercialization, our services span various sectors, including gaming cloudification, gaming IP development, tool APPs, international game distribution and an AI-integrated entertainment platform,providing a full lifecycle solution for game IP development, launch, distribution, and optimization.

We not only assist global players in enjoying seamless cross-device and cross-region gaming experiences, embracing the innovative and joyful world of AI entertainment, but also offer diverse services to game developers, including distribution, promotion, localization operations, and local payment support, accelerating the internationalization of Chinese gaming brands.

In the international internet business field, we have achieved significant milestones: Our personal cloud phone app ranks among the top three globally, boasting millions of registered users; UgGame, as an AI integrated entertainment platform, spans 200+ countries and regions; and in professional game services, we have independently developed the first IP – "Civilization Reborn: Begin" SLG heavy game. It is scheduled for a global release in 2025.

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2015yearOgGame Entertainment BU was founded
200+Cloud gamesLaunched online
5innovativeFor user acquisition
100000+Concurrent computing

The development of OgGame


  • Self-developed high-performance ARM servers, becoming an IaaS/PaaS/SaaS full-stack cloud service provider

  • OgGame participated in ChinaJoy (the international digital entertainment exhibition)

  • Attended OgGame at LEAP2023. (The largest tech and innovation event in the Middle East)

  • Launched 200+ cloud games with over 100,000 concurrent computing power. Achieved 480,000 DAU, 10 million MAU, and a total user base of 30 million. Monthly average interaction time for cloud gaming users: 5.5 hours.


  • Got tens of millions in investment to enhance cloud gaming technology


  • Became a priority partner for global business with three major telecom operators.

  • OgGame utilized 5G for better gaming interaction, addressing network speed challenges.


  • Globally deployed with 36 public cloud nodes, 100+ backbone network nodes, covering over 23 countries and regions.

  • Released a new generation of cloud gaming acceleration technology, achieving end-to-end latency control within 45ms when RTT is less than 10ms.

  • Became a member of the Guangdong Game Industry Association.


  • Launched OgGame Cloud Gaming 1.0, utilizing game cloudification technology to break free from hardware limiteds.


  • Awarded the title of National High-Tech Enterprise.

  • Achieved a comprehensive breakthrough in SD-WAN optimization algorithms, providing strong network support for high-concurrency scenarios in cloud gaming user acquisition.


  • Launched self-developed NetBooster (Rendering Network Enhancement) technology, combining OgCloud ARM performance to advance industry standards in rendering performance, network transmission, and computing cost.


  • Established OgGame's global headquarters in Guangzhou, China.

  • Annual turnover exceeding 100 million RMB.


  • OgGame Entertainment BU established, led by industry experts from NetEase, 37 Interactive Entertainment, and other major game companies.


  • OgCloud's parent company was founded.

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