Cloud micro-client for user acquisition solution
Converting the full game package into a 20MB essential package, optimize user acquisition and reduce costs
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Reduce costs,
improve conversion rate
By compress any games to micro installers that no bigger than 20M
Instant downloads and start the game, realize user acquisition quickly
Games are played with the touch of a link that can be shared anywhere, increasing organic traffic
OgCloud provides SDKs and reference codes, enabling game publishers to customize cloud micro-client according to their needs, optimizing promotion and increasing cost-efficiency.
Continuity of account experience
Seamless data integration for convenient player payments, boosting in-game purchase conversion
Retain game progress data, security, reliable, prevent the data loss
With a data synchronization mechanism, we can ensure the synchronization and updating of user data, payment records, and game progress between cloud and local game system.
Enhancing Game Experience
Play while downloading, experience equivalent to original game
Hidden updates ensure uninterrupted gaming experience
Breakthrough devices limites, expanding the user base
Enable updates in Wi-Fi mode. OgCloud fully supports updates for Java, Native, C++, and all other code and resource SDKs. Players will enjoy an upgraded experience unconsciously.
Cloud micro-

Retention rate nearly the same as the original game

Click-through conversion rate+25%

conversion rate

Service process

Service process

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