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Product Introduction

Riverbed Digital Performance Platform empowers powerful network and cloud applications to maximize productivity and ensure enterprise applications run as expected.

Riverbed SteelHead :

WAN optimizes leading products, solves enterprise band-
width bottlenecks, application delays, and accelerates data transmission. It can fully utilize global resources to access applications and data anytime and anywhere, reducing en-
terprise operating costs.

Riverbed SteelCentral:

①APM application performance management: end-to-end visibi-
   lity, real-time analysis of data to optimize application perform-
   ance, user experience, and improve business results.

②NPM network performance management: End-to-end visibility    timely monitoring and analysis of network performance, enabl-
   ing users to quickly and proactively solve network performance    problems.

Application Scenario
  • Core application acceleration

    SaaS applications (Office365,
    Salesforce, Workday, etc.),
    OA, ERP, CRM and other ac-
    cess loading speeds are red-
    uced from minutes to secon-

  • Cross-regional office

    Addressing high latency and
    inconsistent connections du-
    e to location changes, steel-
    head gives employees acce-
    ss to the corporate network
    anytime, anywhere.

  • Disaster recovery optimization

    Optimize throughput, tuna-
    ble compression, and cluster
    enhancements to quickly i-
    mplement data backup or r-
    eplication, up to 45 times fa-
    ster with accelerated replica-
    tion, dramatically reducing
    recovery time and risk and
    cost in the event of a failure.

  • Improve bandwidth utilization

    Ensure optimal performance
    for the largest number of a-
    pplications in internal, cloud
    or SaaS applications, reduce
    bandwidth utilization by up
    to 98%, and delay high net-
    work bandwidth upgrades.

  • Data analysis

    Collect data from all areas
    for analysis, integrate visuali-
    zation architectures, address
    potential problem roots and
    ensure a high quality digital

  • Integrated view

    The user interface provides a
    digital experience performa-
    nce integrated view that co-
    mbines the breadth and de-
    pth of analysis to present a
    custom view based on the

  • Solution components

    Integrated and modular sol-
    utions that can be used ind-
    ependently to protect inves-
    tments, and solutions can be
    expanded at any time to pr-
    ovide additional breadth, d-
    epth or capacity.

  • Visual monitoring

    Digital platform, real-time
    monitoring of application p-
    erformance and network pe-
    rformance, visual managem-
    ent platform, powerful anal-
    ysis capabilities, speeding up
    problem elimination.

Product Advantages


  • Data optimization, bandwid-
    th consumption reduced by

    Patented, scalable data refer-
    ence technology that avoids
    duplicate data transfers, red-
    uces bandwidth for data tran-
    sfers by up to 99%, dramatic-
    sally reduces bandwidth con-
    sumption, and 100% protects data integrity and reduces ri-
  • Transmission optimization,
    shortened to a few seconds

    Provide the fastest cloud, Sa-
    aS and local applications, fas-
    ter MTTR, faster SaaS perfor-
    mance, use of accelerated re-
    plication function up to 45 ti-
    mes the fastest, can greatly
    reduce the recovery time in
    case of failure, shorten data
    transmission speed.
  • Application optimization, eff-
    iciency increased by 2-10 ti-

    Minimize application overhe-
    ad and deliver massive throu-
    ghput for applications such
    as file sharing, collaboration
    software, email, cloud-based SaaS offerings, web applicati-
    on databases, and storage
    and disaster recovery to acce-
    lerate branch access to busin-
    ess applications.


  • Accurately capture data and
    effectively analyze the reaso-

    Capture all data and transact-
    ions from all end-user devic-
    es, networks, infrastructure,
    and applications at a finer le-
    vel for faster and more effici-
    ent root cause analysis.
  • Minimize failure time

    Fully integrated performance depth reporting, through the analysis of data and diagnos-
    tic capabilities, quickly ident-
    ify and classify problems, de-
    tect and fix problems before
    they impact the business, and troubleshoot in time to ensu-
    sre optimal network and app-
    lication performance.
  • Visual management, improve work efficiency

    Visual monitoring of network and application performance, ensuring the execution of po-
    licies, guiding the repair, opt-
    imization and ordering of ap-
    plication and network perfor-
    mance through in-depth ana-
    lysis, so as to achieve operat-
    ional consistency and impro-
    ve work efficiency.

Brand Strength

Market leader

Gartner has been a leader for many years
and has more than half of the market share,
with more than 27,000 global customers.

Experience unprecedented

With the Riverbed Application Performance
Platform, CIOs deliver unprecedented visibil-
ity, optimization, control and flexibility acro-
ss the entire hybrid enterprise.

Unique connection structure

Steel Connect provides a unique connectivi-
ty structure that unites enterprise networks with the cloud.


The founder has led Riverbed for 14 years
and the company is the second largest tec-
hnology company in San Francisco.

Customer Evaluation

  • "The analysis of EMA shows that companies can get more than 6.1 times of return on investment within 5 years, and the payback period is less than 10 months" - Enterprise Management Associates,Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst
  • "The key to building a streamlined and flexible IT organization is to focus more on innovation and change than on maintaining and supporting the existing environment without interruption. With the help of Riverbed, we have achieved the goals we need - - streamlined, performance and flexibility." - Del Monte Foods Vice President and CIO , — Timothy Weaver

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