• Product Description

    1. For the first time in the world, Bluebird PDA runs Windows Enterprise Handheld Platform 8.1, Win-dows 10 Mobile IoT Enterprise Edition, Android 5.X, 6.X, 7.X.

    2. EF400’s compact, lightweight design incorporates Bluebird’s proprietary TankSmith® Technol-ogy with a 1.2 meter drop specification and an IP67 rating. It is ergonomically designed for comfort-able single-handed operation.

    3. EF400 has a barcode scanner that rapidly reads barcodes and has a 13 MP camera for taking pict-ures and capturing signatures.

    4. Bluebird stands behind its products for years, significantly extending the product life cycle and pr-otecting customers’ investment in the company’s products.

    Product Model

    EF400: A Pocket portable PDA

    • EF400 is a pocket-sized touch mobile computer.

    • With 4” display and a weight of only 200 grams (7oz), EF400 is maximum portability and easy grip.

    • The multi-touch display can be operated with fingertips, or gloves, and even works if they are w-et. 

    • Sun glare protection improves the display’s readability in direct sunlight.

    • The anti-fingerprint coating protects it from smears.

    • Built for harsh environments with protection against water and dust and multiple drops from 1.8 meter.

    EF500: HD and Large Screen

    • EF500 is Bluebird's flagship new product.

    • With a weight of only 260 grams (9.2oz) and 5-inch high definition multi-touch. Combine high-end business mobility with industrial design with the latest touchscreen technology.

    • EF500 comes with full voice capabilities; including noise cancelling, speakerphone, and push to talk that enable more efficient communication among employees.

    • It uses several power saving technologies to ensure it will run for the entire work shift.

    • Particularly suitable for transportation and retail, rainproof, direct sunlight, anti-drop and collisi-on.

    RFID used with PDA: RFR900

    • RFR900 provides exceptional reading performance in both tag recognition rate and accuracy. It offers complete data transference with purpose-built design.

    • With the ability to read over 900 tags per second with an extended reading distance of up to six meters and able to store over 40,000 RFID tags in batch mode.

    • Bluebird’s offers a software developer kit (SDK) with a full set of APIs, making it easier to integ-rate RFID reading to any application.

    • RFR900 incorporates Bluebird’s proprietary TankSmith™ technology. It features a 1.2 meter (4f-t.) drop specification and an IP54 rating that protects.

    • Adds UHF RFID reading capability, it is designed as an ergonomic pistol grip handle ideal .

    Brand Power

    Bluebird is a global brand of industrial handheld computers and mobile payment devices. More than 120 countries and 3000 customers around the world choose to use Bluebird products.

    The only manufacturer in the world that offers both commercial mobile devices and payment terminals.

    All products are designed by industry experts and thoroughly tested in real-world scenarios to ensure optimal per-formance.

    Bluebird 品牌实力

    Integrated Solution

    WIFI Integrated Solution

    As long as enterprises use PDA, they need wireless to cooperate. After the PDA collec-ts the data, it needs to upload through the wireless network; the members use PDA to communicate, need wireless network; use PDA to connect the printer and other devic-es, also need wireless network... These features, enterprise wireless is far better than h-ome wireless. TY solution recommends Aruba's corporate wireless, the only device pr-ovider that NASDAQ (ARUN) focuses on corporate wireless, including the U.S. govern-ment and military.

    Smart Weak Current Integrated Solution

    Most enterprises that have demand for PDAs also need support from weak systems, s-uch as chain stores, warehousing logistics, medical care, etc. The daily operations of t-
    hese types of enterprises are inseparable from video surveillance, perimeter alarms, a-
    ccess control attendance, public broadcasting and other weak systems. TY solution h-
    as always been committed to providing users with complete solutions, doing their be-
    st to ensure the normal operation of customers, information security, and need more   solutions, please contact us.

    Excellent Case

    The world's No. 3 clothing brand ZARA

    By analyzing the specific usage, Bluebird customized the RFID solution for the store environment, replacing the equipment used for ten years with EF400+RFR900 to me-et all the necessary technical requirements and successfully solved the problem. Aft-er the implementation, the inventory inspection time of the ZARA store in Spain has been shortened by 80%, and the inventory loss rate has dropped significantly.

    The highly sought after high-tech company Apple

    Apple's products are highly sought after around the world. It has long occupied a s-pecial position in the fields of personal computers, smart phones, application softw-are and so on. Apple uses Bluebird products in Korean stores for warehousing mana-gement and mobile payments.

    Customer Reviews

    • Bluebird is very professional and shows amazing concentration on the issues we have to worry about. (Bl-uebird is very professional, and it focuses on solving some of the problems that our industry has to face a-nd worry about.)Note: Uniqlo is the brand of Fast Sales Group. - IT Manager of Fast Marketing Group,shikawa Takashi
    • "The key to building a lean and flexible IT organization is to devote more energy to innovation and chan-ge rather than to maintaining and supporting the existing environment uninterruptedly. With the help of Riverbed, we achieved the goal we needed - streamlining, performance and flexibility." - Accès Diffusion Group Sales Director , —Laurent Macé

    After-Sale System

    Authorized by Bluebird Corporation, TY solution is responsible for all after-sales services in China. During the warranty period, the product fails under normal use. After the customer contacts TY solution by telephone, fills in the service card and successfully registers, TY solution promises to provide free maintenance service. A certain proportion of the fee will be charged for the faults caused by human a-ctivities.

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