Private Cloud

Single-tenant security for your cloud

Expertise And Support For The Leading Private Cloud
  • VMware

    VMware Premier Partner
    with 10+ years managing
    VMware workloads at scale.
  • Microsoft Private Cloud

    Five-time Hosting Partner
    of the Year, managing and
    supporting the entire Micr-
    osoft stack.
  • Government
    Private Cloud

    Enclaved on-prem/our-pr-
    and DFARS-compliant clo-
    ud platforms.
  • OpenStack Private Cloud

    Co-founded with NASA;
    the most operating exper-
    ience in the world by 100-
How Private Cloud Helps Your Business
  • Security

    Get the enhanced security of
    dedicated, physically isolated
    network, compute and stora-
    ge layers.

  • Agility

    Deliver features faster by prov-
    iding your users with on-dem-
    and, self-service access to infr-

  • Customization

    Customize the dedicated com-
    pute, storage and networking
    components to best suit your

  • Performance

    Gain performance advantag-
    es over public cloud, with d-
    edicated resources for your

Use Cases
Choose a private cloud when security, control and performance are your top priority.

• Workloads and data with demanding
   security requirements

• Mission-critical business applications

• Addressing compliance regulations 

• Data sovereignty

• Applications that require high performance

• Data center consolidation and extension

• IT-as-a-service

• Test/dev environments and
application development

• Disaster recovery

TY Specialized Services
Customize your hosting experience.
  • Professional Services
    Leverage our expertise to he-
    slp you transform your IT ser-
  • Security Services
    Let our experts secure your
    infrastructure to protect your
  • Application Services
    Let us manage your apps so
    you can focus on strategic ini-
  • Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud
    Securely connect multiple pu-
    blic clouds, private clouds and
    bare metal.

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