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  • 产品
    ThinkStation P318
    · High cost performance,meet the demands of 3d design, VR, game creation, deep learning and artificial intelligence.
    · Retina display, with the most cutting-edge innovation experience.
    · The multi-functional extension plate can be freely matched with ex-
    ternal extension equipment according to customers' needs.
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    ThinkStation P320
    · Humanized and concise design, efficient, High cost performance.
    · Tower and small case two models are equipped with strong performance of Intel ® processor core TM and Intel ® xeon TM processor; With Intel ® latest Kaby lake processor platform with lower energy consumption to ac-
    hieve more efficient output; DDR4 ECC memory is also supported.
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    ThinkStation P520C
    · Strong performance, intelligent choice of 3d design workstation.
    · Intel to strong W series processors, super memory.
    · Pascal series, P5000 high performance graphics card, upgradable inter-
    nal expansion bracket, supports up to 4 hard disk storage devices brings
    the user reliable display experience.
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  • 产品
    ThinkPad L Series L380 L480 L580 Smart and Solid
    · L380: the lightest 14-inch commercial ultrabook in the world.
    · With the 8th generation Intel " Core" i7 processor, built-in TPM security chip, splash-proof keyboard and eagle wing fan, it has 180-degree open-
    ing and closing capability, stable protection and easier work.
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    T Series T470 High-End Business
    · With powerful handling and excellent operating system,18 hours of battery life, the ThinkPad T470 is designed to boost your productivity
    in all areas.
    · Advanced technologies, including solid state storage and secure fi-
    ngerprint reading, improve ThinkPad reliability and support.
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    ZhaoYang MIIX Series MIIX3 MIIX5 Two-In-One Notebook
    · The keyboard and the body of the super-strong magnetic link, detach-
    able keyboard, full high-definition touch screen, parting and good; Big
    key hat design, long office worry-free.
    · Multiple interfaces, excellent expansion; Performance upgrade, low con-
    sumption, fully meet office and entertainment needs.
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  • 产品
    ThinkCentre:M910t M710t
    · Full expansion tower chassis, tool-less disassembly design.
    · Smart USB Shield to Protect Data Security.
    · The new 7th Generation Core Platform, Support action feedback VR (vir-
    tual reality) application (8G display alone), Performance improvement.
    · Standard PCI slot to support old system equipment.
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    QiTian M410 M510 M610
    · Positioning mainstream commercial customers to meet the needs of education and large and medium-sized enterprises.
    · Adhering to the design concept of high efficiency, ease of use and environmental protection, IT performs well in IT equipment quality,
    safety and management.
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    Think Centre(AIO) M910z M810z M818z All-In-One
    · Through the U.S. military standard test state, safe and reliable, smooth
    and stable operation, strong performance, ensure the safety of import-
    ant data.
    · Superb design, easy image processing, video and large files, anti-glare technology to ensure a better user experience.
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    QiTian (AIO) A8150 A7400 A5000 All-in-One Desktop
    · Designed for large commercial customers, it adopts AMD seventh gener-
    ation Bristol Ridge series 65W CPU, has 4 USB3.0 interfaces, supports SSD
    HDD dual hard disk configuration, and is comprehensive and efficient.
    · Only 120W power supply, 89% conversion efficiency, reduce customer operation and maintenance costs, easy to use, green energy saving.
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