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Corperate Profile

       TY solution,established in 2012, is a leading international IT service provider in the industry. Headquartered in guangzhou, we have 5 major operation centers in guangzhou, shenzhen, Hong Kong, zhongshan and xiamen, as well as urban offices in Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu, Macao and Taiwan. We have many offices in Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific. In these places, aiming at achieving global operation and deployment, TY solution can provide various standard TY IT overall solutions for customers.

With the business philosophy of "providing all the IT services required by enterprises", TY solution is committed to building an enterprise-centric IT industry chain. At present, we have formed IT software and hardware product lines covering all stages of development of enterprises. We not only hold powerful weak electricity, operation and maintenance service capabilities, but also hire professional architects to provide customers with IT international freight and so on. One of our strengths is supporting a variety of trading currencies for saving time, manpower and material costs for the international development of enterprises .

Nowadays, TY solution has provided IT total solutions for more than 100 multinational companies and traded with more than 3,000 companies. It is estimated that TY solution's revenue will reach 58 million dollar in 2019.

Corperate Development Process
TY solution pred-
ecessor company
Turnover reached 20
million, mainly IT dis-
tribution and system
TY solution officially e- stablished and reached a turnover of 40 million yuan in the same year.
Two new business tea- ms: Shenzhen and Ho- ng Kong branches est- ablished.
Turnover reached 100 m- illion;Beijing, Shanghai, Dongguan and Zhuhai offices established; TY s- olution growth plan was launched.
All business groups of TY solution have an operating reven- ue of 22 million dollar.
Zhongshan and Xiamen's large customer service ce- nters established, the total revenue was reach 36 mil-
lion dollar.
TY solution International 
Company is independent,
 with an estimated total
 revenue of 58 million dollar.
TY Enterprise Program

TY Enterprise Program(TYEP, TY Enterprise Program)provides the startup team with free office spaces, investment and financing services, low price IT equipment and services. It also figures out the difficulties of equipment, technology, capital, talents and establishs an information exchange platform for the entrepreneurial team.

In 2016, based on years of IT industry experience, TY solution cooperated with several venture capital institutions to create the enterprise program for the startup team, so as to enable the startup company to obtain stable, safe and malleable IT products at a relatively low price at the initial stage and provide long-term technical support.In the two-year practice process, TYEP selected a large number of venture capital institutions and continuously improved the service. As the project went on, many startup teams put more demands on TYEP, then TYEP gradually expanded and upgraded its’ services and eventually evolved into the current one-stop green support platform. We long for making continuous efforts to build a healthy and stable IT industry ecosystem.

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