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Social Recruitment

        TY solution We are recruiting experienced and talented people to join our fast-moving team to give every employee a satisfactory position and income. If you are looking for a competitive, challenging and highly rewarding environment to work in, TY solution is your best choice.

        One of the key factors for TY solution sustained success over the years is our employees.

Employee Welfare
  • Rich Salary Income: Wage+Bonus

    1. Wage:

    TY solution salary is very competitive in the   industry. At least one salary increase opport-unity per year, the salary adjustment is relat-ed to personal performance.

    2. Bonus:

    Year-end Bonus, Instant Reward, Sales Com-mission, Company Award, Best Rookie Awar-d, Bole Award.

  • Social Security Fund

    1. Social Insurance:

    Pension, Unemployment, Work-related Injur-ies, Medical Treatment and Maternity Insura-

    2. Housing Provident Fund:

    The housing accumulation fund is paid, the   individual and enterprise contribution ratio
    is 5%, and your monthly provident fund acc-
    ount enters 10% of the deposit.

  • Holiday Arrangement

    1. Long holidays: Statutory holidays are impl-emented in accordance with national policie-

    2. Marriage leave: Enjoy according to the rel-evant regulations of Guangzhou.

    3. Maternity leave and Paternity leave: Female employees enjoy maternity leave and male e-mployees can enjoy paternity leave.

    4. Annual leave: Formal employees receive 1   day of paid annual leave for every 2 months   of work.

  • Employee Care

    1. Quarterly Activities: The company organiz-
    es tourism activities every quarter.

    2. Festivals Gifts: Employee birthdays and ot-
    her festivals can be well received by the com-pany.

    3. Staff Gas Station: The company provides c-
    offee and snacks free of charge for employe-
    es to recharge.

    4. Emergency box: The company keeps small medicine boxes and sewing kits, which is co-
    nvenient for employees.

TY solution employees can choose internal development (horizontal development) and vertical promotion according to their professional interests and expertise. The annual personal development plan encourages employees to set short-term and long-term career goals, and promotes the devel-
opment of employee qualifications through the evaluation of the strengths and gaps required for d-

The company adheres to the concept of common development between employees and enterp-
helps employees grow continuously in personal accomplishment, professional skills and managem-
ent ability. The company not only pursues the leading position of service in the industry, but also
the leading position of the whole team quality in the industry.

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We are joining the best and most talented people in all areas of the national recruitment industry.
If you haven't seen any openly recruited positions suitable for you at present, we strongly recommend
that you submit a resume in the "General Applications" column for the position you are interested in.

If you want to change your work environment to show your talents, or want to join a good team,
then TY is your ideal choice!

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