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6 Advantages

5 Steps to Complete the Transaction


Click【Get a quote】,gain detailed cost quotes, one-to-one service with exclusive VIP When the service and the quotation are agreed, you can start the customs pre-approval process immediately after submitting the relevant information according to the customer service guidance.

Customs pre-approval

According to the relevant information submitted by you, we will check if you need special documents and related requirements and apply for you. This process takes about 3 days. After passing, you will be sent a detailed shipping instructions.


Based on your mailing address, we will inform you of the shipping route timely . The whole process will be tracked by professionals to ensure the safety of the equipment until the receipt is completed.

Customs Clearance

We will sort out the materials you provide and carry out customs clearance procedures for you, such as electronic declaration, inspection declaration, on-site handover, etc., so as to eliminate your trivial annoyance and ensure efficient, compliant and barrier-free customs clearance.


If you need IDC services, we can provide installation, operation and maintenance services, so that you can have IDC in one step. For specific cooperation, please communicate with your VIP customer manager.

6 Major Service Objects

Business Cooperation:


                   CN Phone: 86-400-990-0510

                   HK Phone: 852-31106150


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